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…embarks on holistic solutions to tackle the problem of flooding faced by Communities in Orile-Agege.

The executive Chairman is working towards embarking on holistic solutions to address the situation once and for all. Aside from the fact that the issue of flooding is a global phenomenon, urgent steps are required to tackle the challenges in a holistic manner and protect the Community from future hazards.

“This effort of the Local Council to Construct new Public drains and roads became necessary, so as to prevent the water from taking over roads, houses and businesses in our communities, says hammed a resident.

As earlier reported on this platform the self effort of an Orile-Agege resident who took it upon himself to clear a blocked Canal in the Ifelodun Community of Orile-Agege axis as the rain approaches.

The executive Chairman of the Council quickly commented under the update to appreciate the contribution of this Individual (name withheld) who is making effort to make the Community habitable for others, after which the council boss paid an impromptu visit to site to see the level of work done and areas the government can also contribute.

In what can be described as a swift response from the Executive Chairman of the Local Council to Complement the effort the individual who recently took it upon himself to clear a section of the Canal to prevent stagnant water in the Canal and other Public Drainage Systems linking the Canals.

The Chairman has commenced the Construction New Public drainage systems in 3 Major Streets and some affected areas, so as to help Channel the water into the Big Canal whenever it rained.

It should be noted that major strategies should be implemented with a view to bequeathing the community with an enduring solution to flooding and environmental hazards.

A resident said “If we have learnt anything in the ongoing flooding in some parts of the Country, it is that both the Government and Citizenry needs to be proactive and also prevent unhealthy habits of throwing wastes in the Open Public drains”

“the effort and swift response of our Council boss to tackle the issue of flooding and to also complement the self effort of the Naval officer who through personal effort started this, is a welcomed development and laudable gesture.

“This serves to show that the Council boss is always on ground and ready to tackle the problem of flooding in our major communities” he said.

It is good to know that the Council Boss is re-engineering the canals and drainage systems. what is expected of the government is a holistic solution to what is certain to be a recurring problem and must be a sincere collaboration between government and the citizenry”.

The Council boss has assured the members of the Communities of several measures in line with the capacity of the government to prevent the flood wrecking havoc on the people.

In as much as de-flooding, which equally is expensive to implement we believe this government will do all it can within its capacity to prevent it, says Mr Ajibola.

This project will surely bring some sort of relief to residents residing within and around this Community and other affected areas.