The Medical Welfare and Sanitation CDS Group of AGEGE LGA. takes its Monthly Sanitation exercise to the Palace of Olu Of Agege Kingdom as part of their Community Development Service.

HRM Oba Oyedeji K. Isiba the Olu of Agege Kingdom was delighted to receive the youth Corp members in his palace at the early hours of today. The monarch lauds the initiative of the Corp Members which he described as a good Step in the right direction by giving back to their host Community.

While Speaking to Agegetv Agege Online, Mr IZU Diajemre a pharmacist and President of the group hinted us about their activities within the Community aimed at developing the Community and also improving the lives of the People of Agege.

He said, “part of our Program coming up soon is a Free Medical Outreach to the People of Agege, it will avail participants the opportunity to know their health Status.”

“We should also not forget that Cleanliness is next to Godliness and a clean and healthy environment thrives, this is the reason why we have also taken it upon our responsibilities to Strategic locations within Agege. In the past we have Cleaned and Sanitized popular Markets and Streets within Agege Lga.

“But this we have decided to take our Monthly Sanitation exercise to the Palace of our Father and the Custodian of Tradition and Culture in Agege Kingdom.”

” This exercise will be a continuous process for the benefit and progress of the entire people of Agege, he reiterated.”