The chairman House committee on finance and appropriation, Lagos State House of Assembly Hon Oluyinka Ogundimu representing Agege 02 in a press statement trashed the rumoured rift between him and the speaker of the 8th Assembly Rt Hon Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa.

The lawmaker stressed the imposibility of him working against what he believed in and has been part of it’s building process.

He however pledge his undying and unconditional support to the actualization of Rt Hon. Obasa as the speaker of the 9th Assembly, considering it as a project for the entire Agege people and Lagos at large, while he advised the unscrupulous rumour mongers to invest their time on a more productive venture rather than wasting time spreading false news.

See the press Statement below…obtained by Agege Tv Online.

My unique people of Agege and members of our great party APC, my attention has been drawn to the rumours being peddled by some useless inept nefarious tail bearers in Agege, only a shallow minded, low thinker will ever believe or spread such an unthinkable story that there is a rift between my Right honourable speaker, brother and friend from Agege constituency 01, Honourable Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa over his return as the honourable speaker for the 9th assembly.

The exquisiteness of the concordance between us and other APC leaders in Agege hitherto can never be over emphasized, as you can remember that as a party (APC in Agege) we promised you all to return the speakership of the 9th assembly to our party and to Agege on this mandate we all still stand as a formidable team and nothing outside this is in my thought.

So how can I with all my commitment to our common goal and joint effort during the general elections now work against him or join any form of alliance not in favour of my Right honorable speaker and brother from Agege at the legislative house as spread by the unscrupulous rumour mongers.

Setting the records straight here and now, I honourable Oluyinka Ogundimu of APC Agege constituency 02 is not interested in becoming the 9th Lagos state assembly deputy speaker neither am i working against my brother and friend Right honourable Obasa’s re-election as the speaker, so please tell all mischief makers to please go elsewhere to do the evil work they are known for because there is no place for their stock in trade in our one Agege.

The fact that my amazing and ever supportive wife is a beautiful princess from the prestigious Lagos Royal family is not enough reason to make me forget my root or jettison my loyalty to my ever supportive Agege APC family as spread by the rumour peddlers, it is with this precious family ties I have always work in concordance with my brother and speaker Rt. honourable Obasa both at home and in the House ever since and that is not stopping NOW.

It is worthy of note at this juncture that the Right honourable speaker has also completely disassociated himself from these unfounded rumours by enemies of our great party and Agege progress.

There is nothing of such or any form of rift between us or the party, ladies and gentlemen, our cordial relationship is intact and unthreatened.

Dear APC members, indefatigable coordinators, gentlemen of the press, guest and friends of the unique family, on my integrity this baseless cheap stories by cheap unscrupulous elements should be absolutely disregarded.

I have called for this press conference today Friday 17th of May, 2019 to clear the air and put an immediate end to the darkness of lies, you have directly heard the truth from me, this is the light and the end of darkness called rumours.

Thank you for your support hitherto, please stay calm don’t be worried, don’t waste your time with evil rumour monger, don’t join them, remain positive and above all please remain unique.
Your mandate and joint interest of Agege is my top priority, my single goal and we promise you by God’s grace we will return the speakership of the 9th assembly to our dear Agege.

Thank you all for coming, thank you for holding forth and believing in me together we will build a better Agege of our dream.

God bless Agege!!!
God bless Lagos State!!!!
God bless Nigeria!!!!!
Long live APC