Rotimi Odejobi shares how much his late mother impacted positively in his life and how his late mother did everything to give her Children and People around her all her best.

Rotimi Odejobi wrote on behalf of the family…

“She was a woman who did everything within her capacity to give her children the best. You were strong from the beginning to the end.”

“You died at age 60, but not withstanding you never for once stop being a wonderful and supportive mother.”

“You were very principled and pragmatic in your approach to things, this I took for wickedness until I grew up, only to realize you were actually shaping me to be a better person in the future. You taught him to be a real man.”

“You still remained one of the greatest women i ever knew”, Mr Rotimi said.

Many people appreciate their mothers for various reasons, for the family of LATE MRS MODUPEOLA FAUSAT #ODEJOBI, it is because she was a loving, caring, and wonderful woman loved by many and her immediate family.

“You were a strong pillar one can lean on mama.”

” Your heart was healthy towards both friends and foes. We will forever miss you mother, as you were remembered today, one year after you were laid to rest.” Mr Rotimi said.

May her Gentle Soul Continue to rest in the Bossom of the Lord.

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