Asipa Road, by Amule Bus/Stop is a major link road to many communities in Ayobo-Ipaja Lcda. in Lagos Nigeria.

The deplorable condition of the road has paralyzed business activities in this area. It has also affected movement of people and goods adversely. School Children suffer the hardship of the poor state of this road, as they find it difficult to get to School early everyday. They get to school sometimes looking dirty because they have to fight their way through the muddy road.

Residents are thrown into deep despair, sorrow, anguish and sadness, as the already bad road become almost impassable. It has become a tale of neglect and abandonment, promises delayed or even out rightly forgotten, as community members labour under the burden of the dilapidated road.

There is hardly any part of the road that is totally free of potholes, the road is already coming apart with massive potholes

The terrible state of the road makes vehicles reluctant to pass through, as the potholes have gotten so big, causing vehicles to break down, thereby worsening the gridlock.

A journey of minutes now takes hours as a result of bad roads. It is now a common sight to see overturned trailers, tankers and containers and broken down vehicles on a daily basis, especially when it rains.

“While riding, we have to be very careful so that the mud doesn’t splash on our passengers. “Government is not doing anything concerning the road here, despite the fact that we have cried out several times” says a Commercial Motorcycle rider. The road from is nothing to write home about. A journey of 5 minutes now takes hours to complete.

“The rain makes things worse for us, as the road becomes filled with water and you won’t know where the potholes are.

Babajide Bankole a business man, who Operates a Boutique business with his Shops off the road was very bittered when speaking with Agegetv Agege Online during our visit to the community, he said, “Government at the local level is practically useless, as it doesn’t do anything. Everyday, I have to park my car on the main road and walk to my office, because there is no road for the car to pass. If you try driving on the road, be prepared to spend all your money at the mechanic workshop”

“Government should please do something about this; we can’t keep living like this.”

Olakunle Abiodun a resident, said “Both human and vehicles finds it difficult to move because the road has become almost impassable. The poor state of this road contributed immensely to the high rate of minor accidents that could have been avoided.

Despite huge allocations for infrastructure yearly, the road is getting worse everyday. The residents of #ASIPA Community are appealing to the Government to come to their rescue and help put the road back in good condition.